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I typically do not post emails from my clients but this one is about a very special boy!  His name is Delmarva's Kalino "Milo" from my Hawaiian Litter (litter mate to my girl "Garland").  His owner is Terri Daly.  I am extremely proud of the work she has done with Milo thus far.  Milo has a very bright future ahead of him!

Hi Sue,

Milo went to do a therapy visit with the most severely autistic kids at Kennedy Krieger recently and was amazing. There were a roomful of VIPs from Kennedy observing to see how it would go as this is a new program for them. Not only was Milo not bothered by all the loud noises, unpredictable behavior, and many people there, he actually seemed very comfortable and went up to every child and adult in the room with tail wagging. The most impressive instance was where a boy was laying on the floor screaming and hitting himself and Milo laid down next to him and licked him in the face. He's just awesome!

I am continually amazed by how he is handling difficult situations and for that reason he is in great demand at both Kennedy Krieger and Hopkins Hospitals. Thanks again for such a wonderful dog!

Happy Holidays!

Terri Daly & Milo
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